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How to breed Cockatiel birds?

How to breed Cockatiel birds?
How to breed Cockatiel birds

How to breed Cockatiel birds? Cockatiel bird or the so-called Curawan parrot or chalopset is a type of medium-sized parrot, and it inhabits wet areas, so it is more common in Australia and jungle lands.

Cockatiel Breeding

Cockatiels are raised as a domestic pet, and it is known for its social, gentle, and calm nature, in addition to being easy to raise, so many people want to have it.

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 At the beginning of a person's acquisition of this bird, he may face some difficulties, especially if he is not a pet, and this person does not have any experience in this field, so it is necessary to know the correct method of breeding cocktails.

Types of Cockatiel birds

The Ordinary Gray Cocktail:

It is considered the origin of these birds, so the males have a gray color with some white feathers on the sides of the wings, in addition to having a yellow face with a bright orange spot on the ear, and for females, they resemble males to a great extent, but with a pale yellow face And a faint orange spot, too.

 Lutein cocktail:

This type of cocktail bird is light yellow with reddish-orange spots on their cheeks.

Cinnamon Cocktail or Cinnamon Cocktail:

It closely resembles a regular gray cocktail, but with brown areas on its feathers, and is named cinnamon for its similar color.

White albino:

It is one of the very rare types of cocktails, so it is very expensive in the market and is characterized by its bright white color that does not contain spots, and it has two red eyes, and there are many other types that are very similar to each other with slight differences in the spots and color the face.

Cocktail bird breeding method for beginners

 Buy a suitable cage for cockatiels, as it should be made of mostly stainless steel. Because zinc and lead are toxic to birds, and it must be large and high to match the size of the bird.

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  • Buy accessories and other supplies for this bird, and a person can identify these things when buying, and take the advice of the specialist seller.
  • Buy cocktail bird food, which usually prefers sunflower seeds and millet for birds, and special foods can be bought as rewards for his good behavior or when he meets the human’s call.
  • Research and learn more about the cockatiel bird before buying it because it needs special methods of dealing with it, as it is not like other ordinary birds.
  • Taming the cockatiel after buying it step by step, especially if it is not tamed, because in this case it is fierce and continues to roar and flee because of its fear of humans, and the first steps of taming it are by placing the cage in the living room or kitchen or any place where family members gather until they get used On their presence, in addition to the necessity to sit next to his cage every day for ten minutes.
  • Training the cocktail to rise on the hand, and this step requires patience and calm. Because it may extend for a long period of time, and the person must wait until the bird ascends alone; Because forcing him to do so might make him bite.
  • Feeding the bird from the hand, this movement enhances confidence, and makes the bird familiar with its owner in less time.
  • Giving the cocktail adequate time of care and attention, because it is a social bird that enjoys the presence of people around it.