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 How to breed Cockatoo birds?

How to breed Cockatoo birds?
 How to breed Cockatoo birds

How to breed Cockatoo birds? Cockatoo parrot is an intelligent and fun bird, and the cockatoo parrot is delightfully comic, and it is one of the beautiful creatures, and the parrot will highlight its wing, bend its head, and then raise some feathers on the top of its head, which resemble a cock’s crest in an impressive display, and there is no doubt that a parrot Cockatoos are affectionate, gentle birds.

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Information on Cockatoo Birds

The cockatoo parrot loves to play, hug, and have fun, and if you want the bird to be loyal to you, you must make sure that you have enough time to play with this pet bird every day, and the neglected parrot may resort to screaming and cannot control it, and the cockatoo parrot is one of the longest birds in life. Although he is not skilled at imitating speech, he does show some of the most intelligent behaviors of the entire parakeet family.

Places of Cockatoo birds

The natural habitats of cockatoos are found over large areas of Australia and Indonesia, and parrots are found in the wild in three very distinct ranges, and they are found in tropical rain forests that are moist with high temperatures, on grassy plains, and on dry savannah.

The age of the cockatoo bird

It is difficult to determine the age of the cockatoo parrot, but the young parrot has a smooth and pale-colored beak, and the feathers will be paler, while the beak of the older parrot is dark in color and has cracks, and it is believed that the cockatoo parrot has lived more than a hundred years.

Cockatoo food

The diet of cockatoo parrots consists of growing grains, and all kinds of fruits and vegetables, such as apples, pears, peaches, oranges, bananas, cauliflower, lettuce, and dandelions, and do not feed avocados because it is considered toxic to birds, and proteins can be provided by cheese, eggs, preserved dog food, cooked meat bones, and avoiding Fats, marinated meats, vitamins, and minerals are unnecessary. With a good and varied diet, calcium can be sprinkled on the food once a week.


Provide cockatoos with fresh water every day.

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Most cockatoo parrots do not need to be bathed, as they are very clean by nature, and they naturally produce a large amount of dust that helps maintain their wings and skin health, however, you should shower to get rid of the dust accumulated on the feathers, and bathing parrots without plain water may cause a change in the pH Feathers can lead to problems such as infections or infection with parasites such as mites.

Cockatoo cages

The larger the cages for cockatoos the better, and the ideal size of the cage is equal to at least three times the size of the wings, and the minimum size of the cage is about (70 x 70 x 100) cm, and the horizontal bars of the cage is very important because the parrot needs it in climbing and climbing Bear in mind that your budgie is able to bend the bars of its cage due to the strength of its beak.