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What a wonderful animal bull, you know in this article

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What a wonderful animal bull, you know in this article 
What a wonderful animal bull, you know in this article
What a wonderful animal bull, you know in this article

The animal kingdom is one of the largest biomes, and has a vast diversity of living organisms, including wild animals, including marine animals, including amphibians. Among these animals is the bull animal, which is one of the animals commonly known to people because of its spread in many rural houses and farms. Bull is a very useful animal for humans, and it is not only useful to eat meat if it is small, but is the largest assistant to the human in the performance of many agricultural work such as plowing and dragging carts and weight load and drag water, and others, and in this article will be mentioned several information about the bull.

Basic Information About Bull

Basic Information About Bull
Basic Information About Bull

There is a lot of information about the bull, whether in terms of the value of meat for humans, or the benefits of the many that can be used. The most important information about the bull is as follows:

  • Is one of the mammalian animals that multiply by birth, a hybrid animal, and the son of the bull male cow.
  • It is one of the animals that has a strong structure, and this is used in many agricultural works.
  • When it is small it is called calf.
  • Many people train and teach him to do several tasks. Among countries interested in this training are Australia, India and New Zealand.
  • He is very patient and patient.
  • The average age of the bull is approximately 15 years.
  • He sleeps about 4 hours a day.
  • People usually specialize in making it easier to control and to take advantage of it by hauling carts and grinding grains.
  • The bulls were domesticated more than 4000 BC.
  • The person who trains the bull Timster or Polki, a bulls specialist, is called the sign, verbal commands and some body language signals.
  • He has more stamina than horses, but horses are faster than he is at work.
  • Is a symbol of strength and firmness, while the black color is considered by many as a symbol of aging, as they see evidence of distress and misfortune.
  • His diet relies on herbs, fodder, grains and many vegetarian foods.
  • It can weigh up to 560 kilograms.
  • Will be able to mate at the age of six years.
  • Belongs to eukaryotes and symmetry pods, and to the division of the chords, which is the finger joint.
  • The largest of its kind in the world is called "peat bulls" which may weigh up to 1000 kilograms, and is called yak.

Bull and red color

Bull and red color
Bull and red color

There is a widespread belief that the bull revolves as soon as he sees the red color, but in fact this is not true, since the bull of animals that cannot distinguish colors, and see all colors one, and the reason of his revolution in the bullfight is the movements by the wrestlers in front of him, The movements they perform are highly provocative, so they can be vigorously attacked, so the same movement can be done in yellow or purple, for example, to be lit in the same way.